New Eco-fashionable Shoe Options for Busy Lifestyles

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Gucci has entered the eco-friendly shoe market with a line of stylish, functional and biodegradable plastic flats. Available in three colors these Gucci flats finally offer a stylish and sustainable option for those seeking to infuse a bit of luxury into a busy lifestyle.

REMYXX 100% recyclable sneakers are an innovative product supporting eco-smart awareness, and closed-loop sustainability. With only 15 days left to go on Kickstarter, REMYXX is catching a lot of interest as it changes the way we think about sneakers and green living. Help REMYXX on Kickstarter!

FiercelyGreen offers a wide array of eco-friendly flats by icon eco-brands like MELISSA - a global fashion brand that has manufactured more than 50 million pairs of shoes in the past 25 years. They transform plastic spheres into things of desire—authentic sculptures. Plastic is the chosen medium to communicate technology and renewal. MELISSA partners with internationally recognized designers, such as Jason Wu and Vivenne Westwood, and utilizes sustainable business practices to deliver unique fashion accessories.

 Find your favorite pair today!

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